The Apocalypse (also known as The Apocalypse of Eden) is a first-person survival horror game.

The crew of the XSS Ecclesiastes have morphed into horrifying monsters. With only the ship’s AI for guidance, you must survive by scavenging for supplies, overcoming obstacles and fleeing from the creatures roaming the ship’s decks.

The mod is available in English and Russian subtitles.


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"Reminds of Alien Isolation a little, very suspenseful. The levels are well thought out and rather complex in certain areas. Not a combat style game, which gets bonus points for me. Very atmospheric. Don't really know what else to say, but bring your flashlight!"

"This was an excellent mod! I'm a huge fan of System Shock, and this gave me the same vibe (minus being to fight back with the wrench lol). I loved the aesthetic of the spaceship. The premise was really cool too. All the stealth segments were very tense..."